Five Thunder tablet - (6030)

The image of the demon queller Zhong Kui is depicted on the front of this ‘Five Thunder’ tablet which used to protect a Chinese household against evil spirits in the old days. It was positioned at the front door and prevented ghosts from entering. The wooden object is hollow inside and the cavity contains secret formulas and an unknown object which makes a rattling sound. On the front is a depiction of a ferocious looking Zhong Kui brandishing his special demon-repelling sword. Under his feet is the Chinese character for ‘Chariot’. The ‘Chariot’ is known as one of the 28 star clusters of the Chinese constellations but we are not certain if this character refers to the stars. Above his head are three stars which symbolize Heaven. On the sides are inscriptions which read ‘Do not dare to disobey orders and do not pass as you will be chopped to pieces’. The symbol for ‘Heaven’(天 Tiān), which is one of the ‘Eight Trigrams’(Bagua), is also inscribed. This ‘Five Thunder’ tablet was found in Hong Kong in 1990 and dates from the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912). Height 15 cm. Width 5 cm. Depth 2 cm.
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