Immortal Zhongli Quan with his fan - (6273)

Boxwood (huang yang mu) carving of ‘Zhongli Quan’ (钟离权) who is one of the oldest of the Eight Immortals and the leader of the Group. He possessed a fan which had the magical ability of reviving the dead and according to some stories, it also could transform stones into silver or gold. Zhongli Quan was destined for greatness from the day he was born by showing special features such as a broad forehead, thick ears, long eyebrows, deep eyes, a red nose, a square mouth, high cheeks, and scarlet lips. Following his father's example, he became a member of the court, advancing to be a general of one of the armies of the Han dynasty (206BC – AD220). During his time as general, his army fought against Tibet. In his last battle he was defeated by the Tibetans, forcing him to flee into the mountainous areas surrounding him. There he came across an old man who led him to a spiritual sanctuary and taught him the ways of the immortal rituals and extensive amounts of alchemy. The Eight Immortals (八仙) are a group of legendary saints in Chinese mythology. Their power can bestow life or destroy evil. This carving entered the Lowlands Collection in 2013. It was discovered in a small oriental shop on the Dutch coast together with another carving of the Immortal Cao Guojiu (6278) which is in the collection as well. In total there should have been eight Immortals but six had already been sold. The face of this figure is of an exceptional lively quality. It dates from the 1980’s. Size without stand: Height 15 cm. Width 6.5 cm. Depth 5 cm.
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