Keris hilt with starburst design – (1896)

Wooden hilt of a keris. The hilt is finely decorated with garlands, a starburst design and a crown. It originates from Madura, a former island state north of East Java. There are several models of Madurese keris hilts. This particular model is called Tumenggunan, or regent's hilt. The crown is a reference to a Dutch order (possibly the "Willemsorde"), which the sultans/kings of both West and East Madura received for their assistance in the Java War of 1825-1830. The crown was added as a mark of distinction. The starburst on the back is the old symbol of the Tjakraningrat sultans of West Madura. It can also be seen in the royal palace in Bangkalan, West Madura. The Tjakraningrats are direct descendants of the Majapahit kings, which adds to their status in the region. It is likely that our hilt once belonged to an official, or a junior member of the Tjakraningrat royal family and that it probably dates from the mid-19th century.The modern Indonesian spelling of Tjakraningrat is Cakraningrat. Length 8.3 cm. Width 4.7 cm. Depth 2.9 cm.
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