Kneeling servant with a half open pot – (2294)

Small but heavy Fon bronze depicting a lady servant holding a pot in her hands. She is wearing a long skirt which covers her body. The pot forms one whole with the arm of the lady while the cover is pegged to the pot. The figure which can stand on her own but is not completely in balance once formed part of an iron ‘Asen’ altar which has disintegrated long ago. These altars served as monuments to the dead for the Fon people. Placed in family shrines, such altars became the focus of interaction with the ancestors. Very often human altar figures were flanked by animals or cherished objects. from the early 20th century. Ouidah Fon culture. Benin. West Africa. Height 9.5 cm. Width 5.0 cm. Depth ca 7.5 cm. Weight 180 grams.
China-> (3276)
Europe-> (46)
India, Japan & S.E. Asia-> (64)
West Africa-> (380)
  Catapults (5)
  Colons (35)
  Fon bronzes (55)
  Gold weights (30)
  Linguist staffs (11)
  Other bronzes (33)
  Stools (22)
  Trade beads-> (160)
  Z. Miscellaneous (29)
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