Flora-type gold weights - (2285-2287-2427-2429-2744)

Seeds, pods, nuts and fruits were often used to create gold weights. The five weights in the photo were made during a process called ‘direct casting’. The objects would be covered in clay which was then baked in a fire. Most of the original would be destroyed by the fire and the hollow part of the clay mold could then be filled with molten metal. All five gold weights date from the 19th century. Object 2427 is interesting because it seems to be a twig with small mushrooms attached to it. Weights and sizes are shown in the last photo. This object is now owned by another collector.
China-> (3278)
Europe-> (46)
India, Japan & S.E. Asia-> (64)
West Africa-> (369)
  Catapults (5)
  Colons (35)
  Fon bronzes (55)
  Gold weights (30)
  Linguist staffs (7)
  Other bronzes (32)
  Stools (20)
  Trade beads-> (160)
  Z. Miscellaneous (25)
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