Armory-type gold weights – (2732-2733-2735-2737-2740-2743-2745)

Gold weights sometimes depict weapons and related objects used in time of war. Some can also be found in the Lowlands-collection. Horns (2743 & 2745) were used during battle. The real things were made of ivory tusks and usually had the jawbone of a slain enemy attached to them. The two gold weight ‘horns’ also depict jawbones being attached. The ‘cannon’ gold weight (2737) was cast in Ghana but has of course a European origin. The cannon is used in a Ghanaian proverb ‘A gun does not burst in Europe to wound a man in Africa’ which means ‘The cause of a trouble is near and not far away’. Shields (2732-33-35) were made of woven rattan covered with leather. A shield shows a warrior’s readiness to going to battle and is therefore a symbol of defence. Shields were also used in a Ghanaian sayings such as ‘Though the woman weaves the shield, it is kept in a man’s room’ which means ‘However clever a wife may be, the husband is still responsible for her’. Last but not least, the ceremonial sword (2740) has great significance as it would be displayed every time when a king would appear in public. All seven gold weights date from the 19th century. Weights and sizes are shown in the last photo.
China-> (3358)
Europe-> (45)
India, Japan & S.E. Asia-> (64)
West Africa-> (370)
  Catapults (5)
  Colons (29)
  Fon bronzes (55)
  Gold weights (30)
  Linguist staffs (11)
  Other bronzes (33)
  Stools (18)
  Trade beads-> (160)
  Z. Miscellaneous (29)
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