Armory-type gold weights – (2732-2733-2735-2737-2740-2743-2745)

Gold weights sometimes depict weapons and related objects used in time of war. Some can also be found in the Lowlands-collection. Horns (2743 & 2745) were used during battle. The real things were made of ivory tusks and usually had the jawbone of a slain enemy attached to them. The two gold weight ‘horns’ also depict jawbones being attached. The ‘cannon’ gold weight (2737) was cast in Ghana but has of course a European origin. The cannon is used in a Ghanaian proverb ‘A gun does not burst in Europe to wound a man in Africa’ which means ‘The cause of a trouble is near and not far away’. Shields (2732-33-35) were made of woven rattan covered with leather. A shield shows a warrior’s readiness to going to battle and is therefore a symbol of defence. Shields were also used in a Ghanaian sayings such as ‘Though the woman weaves the shield, it is kept in a man’s room’ which means ‘However clever a wife may be, the husband is still responsible for her’. Last but not least, the ceremonial sword (2740) has great significance as it would be displayed every time when a king would appear in public. All seven gold weights date from the 19th century. Weights and sizes are shown in the last photo. These objects are now owned by another collector.
China-> (3278)
Europe-> (46)
India, Japan & S.E. Asia-> (64)
West Africa-> (369)
  Catapults (5)
  Colons (35)
  Fon bronzes (55)
  Gold weights (30)
  Linguist staffs (7)
  Other bronzes (32)
  Stools (20)
  Trade beads-> (160)
  Z. Miscellaneous (25)
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